Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Ah, the perennial beginning of the year Cashiers De Cinema dilemma: What the fuck to do with this antiquated 10+ year old film blog? Add annoying Google AdSense ads to every inch of the page and leave it to internet posterity? Double down on the old days (circa 2010) with month-long themes and epic-length reviews? Delete the whole site all together? Worse, exchange it for a "likeable" Letterboxd account?

Sorry, but flinging my unsolicited hot takes into yet another social media cesspool is simply not in the Cashiers cards. It's shameful enough that I retrofitted most of my movie ramblings these last two years for 140/280-character Twitter compatibility. Well, those days are over...sort of. You may have noticed that the sidebar @CashierDeCinema link has vanished (poof!). But, sadly, the laziness and despair and over-saturation of #opinions that site has inflicted upon my bruised and battered psyche still remains. :(
Most of the "takes" this year will still be short and sweet and very likely able to fit into a tweet, even if not actually tweeted. But, when the mood and inspiration strikes, they might just run on for a vintage page-long rant. In other words, Cashiers is going free-form in 2018! (i.e., the world's most asocial Letterboxd account). It's also taking a trip to Italy. The key here is: I need to make this film blogging thing FUN again. Or else why bother? And when I looked back over the last 10 years of posts, searching for the MOST FUN I EVER HAD FILM BLOGGING, one name stuck out like a glorious, gore-soaked sore thumb...


As in Lucio. As in Italian exploitation maestro. As in, I watched a lot of Fulci back in the day but still haven't seen a good deal of his filmography. Gore flicks. Giallos. Westerns. Erotic thrillers. Early spy films and sex comedies. Even his Jack London-based family adventure movies. I've got them all lined up for viewing this year, in addition to movies I haven't seen by many of his Italian exploitation progenitors/contemporaries...


I'm even excited for Gaudagnino's Suspiria remake. Are you?

The goal is to watch 100 Italian exploitation films that I've got stored away on old discs and fresh USBs before the end of 2018. I'll post 'em here as I get to 'em with a running count of where I am on the list. Expect lots of spaghetti westerns, spaghetti horror, spaghetti cannibals, spaghetti zombies, spaghetti barbarians and a heaping forkful of poliziotteschi (Italian crime films). I may even throw in some Tinto Brass flicks to spice up the sauce. By the end of the year, I'm sure to look and feel just like this baby...

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