Sunday, August 23, 2015

MARY (2005) - Abel Ferrara

I feel Matthew Modine's pain. First he had to suffer the slings and arrows alcohol/crack addiction and pretentious direction in The Blackout. Now, in Mary, he has to portray Jesus Christ and the Abel Ferrara-inspired director of said Christ movie in the same film. Talk about your double whammys.

This movie is called Mary and, I think, supposed to be about an actress named "Marie" (Juliette Binoche) who gets so into the role of Mary Magdalene that she "stays in character" even after the filming ends, undergoing her own sort of religious conversion. This might have been interesting, but Ferrara gives that plotline the short shrift for the most part, choosing to focus too much of his run time on a Charlie Rose type journalist (Forest Whitaker) and his crisis of faith while covering the film and its director. Whitaker is solid as usual, but the script he has to work with isn't much help.

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