Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CAT CHASER (1989) - Abel Ferrara

Who do you turn to after striking out with Shakespeare? Why the Shakespeare of American Crime Fiction, of course. While Cat Chaser isn't the best Elmore Leonard adaptation I've seen, Ferrara at least seems to be on surer (if sandier) narrative ground than he was in China Girl. Sleazy dealings are afoot as ex-soldier turned hotel owner Peter Weller (aka "Cat Chaser") prowls around with Kelly McGillis, the wife of a shady Dominican general (Tomas Milian). Frederic Forrest is on hand for some drunken comic relief. The always game Charles Durning makes for a great corrupt cop. There's a particularly funny scene in the uncut version where he uses a basic beer can to trick his captors into thinking he's taking a pee break, then traps them in the bathroom at gunpoint.

Speaking of guns and "uncut," there's a pretty suggestive scene involving Tomas Milian making love to McGillis with his preferred weaponry. I read somewhere that Cat Chaser is the movie that made McGillis want to quit acting for years. I'd lay odds that it had something to do with this scene.

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