Monday, August 31, 2015

4:44 LAST DAY ON EARTH (2011) - Abel Ferrara

When the End of Days finally comes, I hope I'm not online nearly as much as the characters in this film. Seriously. A better title may have been 4:20, Last Day on Skype. When Dafoe and his live-in artist girlfriend aren't watching a 24-hour feed of NY1, having lazy sex, ordering in Vietnamese food or making bad artwork, they're chatting it up with relatives online, watching old Dalai Lama/Joseph Campbell YouTube videos and generally waiting around for the massive hole in the ozone layer to erupt and a blinding white light to evaporate the world.

This being an Abel Ferrara film, ex-junkie Dafoe is also resisting a strong urge to go score heroin at a local friend's apartment. He mostly manages to resist but only after a pretty unwatchable confrontation scene with his clean and sober girlfriend (i.e., Ferrara's girlfriend) in their bathroom. There's also a VERY UNWATCHABLE scene in which his girlfriend catches Dafoe Skyping with his ex-wife.

I get it...The Apocalypse as just another humdrum day. It's an interesting premise, and for a while I was on board with 4:44 in concept if not execution. Until it started to feel like everyone was only on Skype or watching the Tube because the production itself didn't have enough money to go on location.

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