Monday, June 15, 2015

THE BRIDE WORE BLACK (1968) - Francois Truffaut

The chilliest (and best) of the femme-revenge pictures I've watched so far. Leave it to the French to make mortal payback seem so refined. The brilliantly staid Jeanne Moreau's expressionless face fhas a lot to do with it. Also, Truffaut's no-nonsense, Hitchcock-adoring direction. Moreau's black bride runs through her hit list of male targets like a housewife casually ticking off items on her grocery agenda (she actually has a handwritten list). "Tomatoes, check. Vinegar, check. Push man off high rise balcony, check. Plunger man's arak bottle with poison, check. Pose as artist's model of the huntress Diana, then shoot artist in the back with arrow...check, check and check." She does all of this to avenge the accidental murder of her husband by random church tower gunshot on her wedding day. I guess it just goes to show you DO NOT f*%k with a lady's nuptials. Especially a French lady.

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