Monday, June 15, 2015

Park Chan-wook

I'd seen this visually rich vengeance flick years ago when it first came out. I'd forgotten large swaths of the plot and was able to enjoy it anew. For instance, I completely blanked that Lady Vengeance's revenge scheme was not only personal but on behalf of a group of bereaved parents (an avenger's support group if you will). It's a nice wrinkle on the old familiar eye-for-an-eye. Also, the lushly photographed sequence with her dragging Mr. Baek's beheaded head attached to a dog's body around in the snow. Watching it again, I kept waiting for that opening scene to pay off. "When she's going to behead him? Whose poor dog will provide the body? Where'd she get the sled?" These questions remained unanswered, in that the sequence was more snowy fever dream and not a foretelling of actual events. That Chan-wook...such a prankster, such a shameless stylist. This used to be my least favorite of his Vengeance Trilogy. Now I'm thinking the Lady's Vengeance might be more compelling than the Mister's.

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