Thursday, April 30, 2015

Philippe Mora

"Into the blue!"

That's the trusty catchphrase of washed-up caped crusader Captain Invisible (Alan Arkin), here seen ferreting out one of Mr. Midnight's hypno-ray'ed stooges by noticing that he incorrectly uses non-Kosher mayo on deli pastrami. Ever wonder if Arkin would make good superhero material? Ever wonder if he had musical chops? In an Ozploitation picture, no less? Well, The Return of Captain Invincible (it's not a sequel) will answer all those burning questions. 

Once again, Arkin plays an alcoholic has-been, this time with the power to fly and attract metal objects. After a series of McCarthy-esque blacklist hearings, he goes into hiding in Australia to drink straight from the bottle, lick his wounds. That is, until the President of the United States (some Aussie actor) needs him back in New York to stop the fiendish plot of Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee) to expel all ethnic minorities. What's a Jewish superhero to do but re-don his codpiece? There's only one snag: Kentucky bourbon is his kryptonite.

I wish I saw this Captain as a kid. I have a feeling it would have been right up there with another of my childhood pleasures, SuperFuzz, despite the tone-deaf Rocky Horror musical numbers. If I wasn't so burned out on superheroes (and superhero parodies), I'd probably have enjoyed this even more. How many Avengers are there now? I've lost track. Maybe replace Captain America with Captain Invincible in the next sequel. Just an idea.

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