Friday, April 17, 2015


"I think we could have a good time, Jeanette.
But we need to stop the brooding and the running and the coffee."

Arkin as mid-life lothario Barney Cashman, failed philanderer and successful fish restaurateur. Cashman's your typical Neil Simon nebbish-- neurotic, lusty but ultimately decent at heart. Therefore, a textbook Alan Arkin role. He uses his mother's apartment as a swinger's bachelor pad, but all his extramarital rendezvous with willing ladies (a tubercular cougar, a ditzy hippie chick and one of his best friends' depressed wives) turn into extended therapy sessions. Plus, he's got this bad habit of smelling his fingers constantly, dousing them with cologne them as necessary (the man does work in a fish restaurant). This is an enjoyable if extremely dated movie, like a lesser Louie episode. But it's a good vehicle for Arkin's broad comic talents and definitely in his comfort zone. How has Ben Stiller not remade this sucker yet?

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