Wednesday, April 29, 2015

David Lowell Rich

"My government doesn't take collect calls?
What the hell am I paying taxes for?!"

A valid question, a terrible movie. Arkin stars as an alcoholic has-been pro baseball player ("The Philly Flash") who stumbles onto a briefcase full of government secrets and a kooky street performer love interest in the form of Carol Burnett. Laughs generally do not ensue. Imagine Burn After Reading minus the Coens and the D.C. intrigue. What you're left with is a serviceable time capsule of San Francisco's Potrero Hill district and a handful of early "Hey, isn't that..." sightings by later '80s luminaries. Danny Glover, Danny Aiello, Arkin's offspring Adam (he of Under the Rainbow and many a fine Justified episode). Arkin seems to be winging it, making the best of a bad script, as does the normally brilliant Carol Burnett.

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