Saturday, March 14, 2015

BEETLEJUICE (1988) - Tim Burton

What I realized re-watching Beetlejuice many years later: Beetlejuice doesn't show up in earnest until 45 mins into a 90 min film. Before that, there are only quick profile glimpses, one brief TV commercial spoof. That's a long stretch to go without your title character. I didn't remember the movie being so "juiceless" for so long. Until the moment Keaton bursts from the grave in a life-size train set model, Beetlejuice is goth-cute, like a toddler in a Robert Smith Halloween costume. But when he finally shows his moss-covered face, it's pure anarchy. Let's hope Beetlejuice 2 starts with Keaton from the very first frames, possibly a redux of the "Vine" below but with Jonah Hill standing in for the now deceased Glenn Shadix...

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