Sunday, October 19, 2014

THE CAT (1992) - Lam Ngai Kai &
THE PACK (1977) - Robert Clouse

The Cat (or Wisely's Old Cat, depending on who you ask) is an oddball sci-fi/horror hybrid by the same guy who brought us the eternally watchable Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. Without the Ricky director pedigree, I'm pretty sure I would have never stumbled across it. While not as much delirious fun as that movie, there are a number of quality WTF moments such as: the best cat versus dog junkyard fight of all time, a menacing glob of unidentifiable space goop to rival anything in the original The Blob, the sweatiest woman ever captured onscreen. Just watch this wonderful clip and see what I mean.

The Pack was more standard when-domesticated-animals-attack horror fare, Jaws on four legs basically. For some unexplained reason, the city vacationers to this Seal Island getaway have a tendency to adopt local dogs for the summer and then, when it's time go, leave them out in the wild tied to trees. Eventually, the abandoned mutts ban together and become a pack of feral Fidos, killing off locals on the island during the off-season. Joe Don Baker, as the town's resident marine biologist/bad ass, must do his damnedest to keep the heavily Vaselined and ketchup-slathered mongrels at bay.

The film is not really troubling enough to make you give your own  more than a second's worried glance. But the man-dog bonding freeze frame at the end is good for a great big, hearty laugh,

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