Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A TALE OF SORROW AND SADNESS (1977) - Seijun Suzuki

Sorrow and sadness, yes. But more importantly...golf! And lady-golf at that! This is the first film Suzuki made following a ten year hiatus after being kicked out of Nikkatsu Studios for basically being too brilliant (probably not the term the studio chieftains would use) in 1967's Branded to Kill. His return to the screen is not quite a return to form but definitely a very odd duck in his oeuvre. A semi-comic psychological thriller about a fashion model being groomed for Japan's pro golf circuit (and the many product tie-ins therein). She runs into a female stalker (literally, in her car) who then wants a piece of her fame/residuals. Identity swapping, blackmail and tricky putting greens ensue. One review earlier, I said Fighting Elegy at times felt like Suzuki's version of Stripes. Well, this one is his Caddyshack.

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