Monday, May 19, 2014

ZAZIE DANS LE METRO (1960) - Louis Malle

Eight reasons to check out Zazie Dans Le Metro as soon as humanly possible and in no particular order...

1. It may be the most WHIMSICAL, formally ANARCHIC movie ever made, a live-action French Roadrunner/Bugs Buggy cartoon shot entirely on the streets of Paris.

2. Zazie (the little girl at the center) hates all adults, insults them routinely and curses like a sailor. Despite this, you wouldn't be wrong to call Zazie the perfect children's movie.

3. It's got a massive food fight at the end.

4. It's got a guy in polar bear suit who appears often and with little reason.

5. Best usage of the Eiffel Tower as a setting of all time (apart from Superman II). It's basically an overgrown jungle gym.

6. Most creative use of fast-motion, low frame rate you'll see outside of a Keystone Cops one-reeler.

7. Because Wes Anderson obviously has this thing on repeat in his home theater but will never make a movie half as good.

8. Because the Metro is on strike and what else are you gonna do? Sit in traffic? On top of traffic?

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