Sunday, April 13, 2014


Jess Franco is one of those cult directors that Netflix is constantly trying to recommend to me. But then I take a look at his MASSIVE filmography and don't know where to begin or see that most of his flicks hover around a middling two-star user rating. There are titles on his IMDB page like A Penis for Two or A Buttcrack for Three or Lulu's Talking Ass. I'm not one to fault an old director for dipping into hardcore when times are tough, but I had to wonder if any of these Franco flicks were worth the time. Answer: So far, not really. But then I was under the influence of possible influenza when I watched both of these the other night. Seventies softcore and Ultra Soft Puffs do not necessarily mix.

I will give Franco this: He knows how to cast gorgeous women and put together a mean sitar-infused score. I could see dumping the soundtracks of both these films on my iPod but never watching a frame of either film again. Also, the man's all about truth in advertising. The movie's called Vampyros Lesbos, and that's what you get-- bi-curious females who occasionally drink blood. She Killed in Ecstasy? You betcha. The lead heroine knifes men to death in the middle of sex.  I appreciate Franco's directness. It's the directing that needs some work.

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