Sunday, April 13, 2014

A SNAKE OF JUNE (2002) - Shinya Tsukamoto

More arty kink by way of Japan, several decades later. This one comes from the director of Tetsuo: The Iron Man. A married office worker (Asuka Kurosawa) begins receiving strange personal phone calls from a client, then more disturbing blackmail photos of her enjoying "some quality alone time" in public and at home. She fears her straight-laced husband will find out, though hubby seems too concerned with unclogging the bathroom shower drain to care (he is a VERY fastidious cleaner).

For me, the stakes were a little too low to get pulled into the story. Honestly, the wife's only cheating with herself. But then Japanese men tend to have a lot of weird sexual hang-ups, so this might play more as a horror movie abroad (the anxiety of gender role reversal). That aspect didn't stick for me, but I did appreciate the blue-tinged monochrome color palette and the fact that it was under 80 minutes long.

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