Thursday, February 13, 2014

Brian Trenchard-Smith

"Never met a Chinese that didn't have a yellow streak."
- Aussie Gangster Jack Wilton (George Lazenby) 
to Inspector Fan Sing-Ling (Jimmy Wang Yu)

What a great big helping of Hoisin Awesome Sauce this kung fu/Ozploitation mash-up is!!! Haven't had this much fun since...well, probably the last Brian Trenchard-Smith I've seen (Turkey Shoot, Stunt Rock maybe?). A one-time James Bond (Lazenby) as the villain. The One-Armed Boxer from Flying Guillotine playing a sort of Chinese James Bond supercop. Stunt work by Aussie legend Grant Page. Tons of ass kicking, hang gliding, car crashes, super-cheesy-perfect theme songs, awkward interracial make-out sessions galore! You couldn't really ask for a better Saturday night out at the movies. The fact that I watched it on a Tuesday, snowed in at home...completely beside the point.

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