Friday, February 21, 2014


"It's a new type of sterilizer that can kill human sperms totally.
That formula's priceless. Can you imagine it in the wrong hands?"

Come for the kung fu. Stay for the nude tennis scene.

I found this golden nugget of grindhouse Bruceploitation on the reverse side of my Weng Weng copy. A Chinese CIA agent who looks vaguely like Bruce Lee and shares his name minus one letter teams up with a ladies' man operative with a Magnum P.I. moustache to track down a "priceless" stolen formula...basically, the 1970s equivalent of Nonoxynol-9. Throw in a ton of bra-less babes, assorted thugs, neo-Nazis and the Viet Cong (huh?), and you have yourself a movie. I don't know about Bruce Le being a better martial artist (or director) than the real Bruce Lee. But, judging from the below clip, he is definitely the bigger horndog of the two.

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