Monday, December 30, 2013

THE WHITE DIAMOND (2004) - Werner Herzog

aka Zen and the Art of Airship Maintenance. Herzog's HD expose on the difficult launch and subsequent flight of a rhomboid-shaped mini-Hindenburg known as the White Diamond is a further exploration of his obsession with flight and flight-related disasters (see also Wings of Hope and Little Dieter Needs to Fly). While the film's fussy focal point, British airship engineer Graham Dorrington, lacks the daring-do charisma of  a Dieter Dengler or Timothy Treadwell, Herzog more than makes up for this by shifting his attentions the stunning South American jungle waterfalls, the flying flock of swifts that live behind them and the captivating Guyanese worker, Marc Anthony, who simply kills it with his laid-back Rastafarian vibe and scene-stealing pet rooster, Red Man. I'm pretty sure this guy routinely gets higher than the problematic White Diamond ever will.

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