Sunday, October 13, 2013

Johnnie To & Wai Ka-Fai

The flashy young upstart killer (Andy Lau) in this dueling hit men actioner loves El Mariachi, frequently name-checks Jean Pierre Melville and often dresses like one of the masked Ex-President bank robbers in Point Break both on hits and on dates. As for "O" (Takashi Sorimachi), the "number one hitman in Asia" who Lau's trying to put out of business, he mostly keeps his mouth shut, gets the job done. Occasionally, he spies on his maid through a telescope from the building across as she's getting undressed. So basically one's a killer in a Quentin Tarantino movie, the other a killer in the Melville movie that the killer in the QT movie is emulating. Guess which killer I liked better? Guess which one you'd be better off hiring to do your "wet work"?

Truth be told, I'd probably hire neither. Full-time or part-time. This Johnnie To/Wai Ka-Fai effort feels a little too derivative to be included among To's more accomplished action works. Clinton mask or no Clinton mask, it's Face/Off minus the diverting transplant ludicrousness.

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