Friday, August 09, 2013

LA CRAVATE (1957) - Alejandro Jodorowsky

La Cravate is the earliest Jodorowsky work on film, a twenty minute surrealist short based on a Thomas Mann novella. It's a simple story about a man (played by young Jodorowsky) trying to impress a woman who finds him unattractive. So he goes to a head shop (an actual head shop) to exchange his noggin for another. Then another. Then another. Heads get misplaced. Hijinks ensue.

Very quiet hijinks, mind you. This one's all done in mime. Jodorowsky utilizes his fellow players in Marcel Marceau's troupe to fill the rest of the roles. The head-switching effects are rudimentary, mostly done in camera or executed through creative set design (see above). But they are clever and charming for their time. CGI on a budget, 1950's style.

It's a minor Jodorowsky effort but an interesting starting point for his weirder, grander surrealist efforts and his ongoing fascination with amputation and/or amputees. Jodorowsky apparently had his head in the absurdity game from the very beginning. Whether it was attached to his body or not.

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