Sunday, April 28, 2013

TRACK 29 (1988) - Nicolas Roeg

Every once in a while, a small discovery like Track 29 reminds me while I bother with this blog in the first place. What a wonderfully warped little gem! I probably never would have stumbled on this film if it weren't for the Nic Roeg theme. This 25-year-old film was well off my radar. Shit, it wasn't even in my Netflix queue. I actually had to work a bit to find it. I am glad I put in the time.

Gary Oldman plays the maybe-he's-there, maybe-he's-just-a-figment long-lost son of Theresa Russell. He also plays with her diaphragm a lot, her spooky collection of lifelike baby dolls, sometimes taste-tests her bedside lube, sometimes pretends to smoke her tampons like a cigar. Needless to say, dude has some SERIOUS mommy issues and a very Bowie-like hairdo. Forget the fact that he's British, she's from North Carolina. Forget the fact that in real life there is about a year age difference between the two. You might also want to forget that Oldman plays the man with pompadour that molested her behind the bumper cars at the high school carnival, thereby being responsible for his own birth.

Just enjoy. Roeg, in collaboration with writer Dennis Potter, has given you so much yummy perversion to chew on. There's also Russell's husband played by Christopher Lloyd, the aforementioned model train enthusiast. He's really more of a zealot, taking his hobby to "televangelical" levels at the yearly Train-O-Rama convention. He's a doctor who doesn't sleep with his wife but prefers to be spanked by fellow nurse Sandra Bernhard on the job.

I won't spoil much more, other than to say it reminded me a lot of another movie that came out about the same time. When the model trains start crashing in slo-mo montages severing the heads off Russell's weird baby dolls though, you know perfectly well which director is at the helm. In short, Track 29 derailed me beautifully.

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