Friday, January 11, 2013

THE DEVIL (1972) - Andrzej Zulawski

The Devil is Zulawski's second feature, the one that supposedly got him kicked out of Poland. I'm not a Polish history scholar, and I definitely didn't do any studying up on it before going into this one blind. But it's obvious from the first few minutes without knowing a lick about Partition (ok, I did a little post-viewing Googling) that The Devil is coming from a very politically angry place.

It's also coming from an unhinged one. Never have I seen more apocalyptic tantrums, freak-outs, razor slashings, incestuous couplings, stabbed horses, frost-bitten genitals and dirty Prussian snow in one place in the space of two hours. That's not a recommendation, per se. This may be the hardest Zulawski film to sit through that I've seen. Mind you, I've seen My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your DaysThe Devil is definitely a film under the influence. If it didn't get Zulawski kicked out of Poland, it definitely should have gotten him kicked out of Sunday school.

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