Friday, December 21, 2012

TIPTOES (2003) - Matthew Bright

Peter Dinklage as "Maurice"

It's hard to believe a movie like Tiptoes even exists. It's a little person empowerment movie yet its beats are all "disease of the week." Its star is a regular-sized Gary Oldman playing a dwarf (in Dorf on Golf fashion) yet there's a perfectly capable Peter Dinklage on hand playing second fiddle as a misogynist French ladies' man named Maurice. The key dilemma in the movie is arguably offensive: whether or not newlyweds Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale might have a baby that's a dwarf like McConaughey's parents.

Beckinsale is repulsed by the idea at first (as we are by her wardrobe), then warms to it while McConaughey remains wary for murky reasons, considering he grew up among little people. The cast is a veritable all-star team of little people actors in traditionally regular-sized roles. Debbie Lee Carrington (the gun-toting hooker from Total Recall) playing a family friend. Bridget Powers ("Bridget the Midget" from the Stern show) playing Oldman's philandering girlfriend. Michael J. Anderson (the Twin Peaks dwarf) playing McConaughey's dad. It's great to see them all in one movie, if only it were a better movie. It seems a crime that Dinklage doesn't have the starring role.

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