Wednesday, December 12, 2012

THE SINFUL DWARF (1973) - Vidal Raski

Torben Bille as "Olaf"

As much a movie staple as the jolly holiday dwarf, the "evil dwarf" character has been leaving his smallish footprints on the horror/exploitation genre for years. Warwick Davis in Leprechaun. Hercules in The Devil Within Her. Ralphus in Bloodsucking Freaks (pictured here). The aforementioned is probably the nastiest little person malcontent I've encountered onscreen. But, now that I've seen The Sinful Dwarf, Olaf might come a close second.

Olaf has a fondness for wind-up toys and lives with his mother, a ancient Liza Minelli-esque cabaret performer with a devilish facial scar and a nasty gin problem. He uses his toys to lure unsuspecting women back to his mom's hotel. Once there, Olaf manuevers them down into the basement, shoots them up with hypodermics full of heroin, then pimps them out to local guys not too discriminating about where they find their dates. Occasionally, Olaf uses his little cane on them when they attempt to escape. He also has a lot of peep holes hidden around Mom's place to spy on new basement candidates, particularly the British blonde and her boyfriend who just moved in.

There are a few legitimately creepy moments in what is otherwise a 90 minute excuse to show beautiful women naked and in chains. It's OK grindhouse fare. But, for my entertainment dollar, Ralphus is still the far superior, fun-loving tiny jailkeeper.

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