Wednesday, October 31, 2012

THE THING (1982) - John Carpenter

It's not really All Hallow's Eve unless John Carpenter is involved. I've seen The Thing at least four times now. It's still be my favorite Carpenter flick. I even stole some of its beats for a screenplay I wrote a few years back. Considering that Carpenter copped a lot of his movie from Howard Hawks' original Thing from Another World, I figure all's fair in blood and latex.

The Rob Bottin creature FX still look phenomenal. The Alaskan malamute at the beginning still creeps me out. The blood-testing scene to determine which of the remaining crew might be The Thing is still a model of suspense worthy of Hitchcock, not to mention all the AIDS metaphor arguments you're likely to find on film geek blogs across the web.

Carpenter was at the top of his game in The Thing. Incidentally, so was this mutt.

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