Friday, October 26, 2012

Q: THE WINGED SERPENT (1982) - Larry Cohen

I don't know that Q: The Winged Serpent is a good monster movie, but it's definitely a New York monster movie. The monster in question, the flying lizard Quetzalcoatl, is rarely seen by the self-involved people on the sidewalks below. She squats at the top of the Chrysler Building when she's not picking off nude sunbathers from high rooftops. Much of the time, you won't find her at home. Her nest is a cramped space like most New York studios. Probably not rent-controlled.

The monster's existence (or non-existence) has something to do with Aztec blood rituals going on around town. But the movie Q is not too interested in this. It's more concerned with low-level criminal Jimmy (a great Michael Moriarity) and his attempts to use his knowledge of Q's secret 77th floor address to make a million dollars and get a reduced sentence. Detective David Carradine isn't having that. Neither is detective Richard Roundtree. And, later, Q herself angrily screeches about it until the military shows up to gun her down. What's it all mean? That somewhere high atop the Chrysler Building there's a great Manhattan studio space available. If you pardon the giant nest and one or two dead bodies.

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