Monday, October 08, 2012


Goke opens on a Japanese jetliner flying against a disturbingly orange horizon. Aboard is a famous politician, a possible hijacker, a sniper, and a white lady who keeps whining to anyone who will listen about her dead soldier husband who was napalmed in Vietnam. Suicidal birds soon begin splatting against the passenger windows with alarming regularity. A glowing flash of light sends the plane down in a crash landing. A creature that kinda looks like silver hair gel and comes from another planet begins cracking open people's foreheads and oozing into their brains, in effect "snatching" their personalities, one after the other.

I'm probably leaving out some important details. Then again, maybe I'm not. Goke's one of those type of movies. Details ride coach, generalized spookiness rides first class. Whether or not you'll enjoy this flight largely depends on your susceptibility to being creeped out by a Japanese man with a large oozing cleft in his forehead.

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