Monday, October 08, 2012

EQUINOX (1970) - Jack Woods & Denis Muren

Don't let the pic above fool you. This trick shot might be the only fun one in all of Equinox. The rest of the film mostly involves a foursome of clean-cut white kids chasing an ancient book around Griffith Park (think Evil Dead's Necronomicon but less interactive). There's also a furry ape-meets-dinosaur claymation creature and a red winged Beelzebub that looks like something your kid brother might have slapped together with Playdoh.

This is another one of those Criterion Collection release head-scratchers (ala Armageddon). Other than bare-bones kitsch value, Equinox is a snooze. I'm sure it was very influential in its own way, setting a template for a bunch of teen horror movies to come. But today, it plays more like a home movie souped up with a few barely molded hunks of clay. Ray Harryhausen need not break a sweat. Unless you're a diehard stop-motion completist, neither do you.

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