Sunday, August 12, 2012

THE SQUARE (2008) - Nash Edgerton

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Or the Aussie redneck with the gym bag full of loot behind the laundry room door. If you do, a world of misfortune is liable to come down on your head.

The Square, like Animal Kingdom a few years back, is another quality crime flick from Down Under. Where Kingdom explored a low-level suburban mafia family, The Square centers on a married upper middle class construction foreman getting a little sumpin' on the side with the young wife of the redneck pictured above. Things get increasingly dicey after the wife (a very photogenic Claire van der Boom) involves the foreman in a plan to steal her redneck husband's mystery loot. There's a professional arsonist who's also involved (Joel Edgerton), his mousy girlfriend and a few assorted redneck construction freelancers. There's also a poodle and a Boxer hound that loves to jump his fence, swim the lake from the poor to the rich side of town and make more trouble for the already harried husband.

Sound complicated? It is, but in a very entertaining way. Think Blood Simple but set in the Sydney suburbs instead of deep Texas.

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