Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WILD THINGS (1998) - John McNaughton

Yep, Wild Things, the erotic thriller that launched a million Skinamax caliber direct-to-DVD sequels. The one with the notorious Matt Dillon-Neve Campbell-Denise Richards three-way triple decker skin sandwich. The one where, for better or worse, we're all forced to see more than a few frames a of Kevin Bacon's freshly showered schlong. This movie might be Six of Degrees of Wrong for all sorts of reasons, but it's also a surprisingly watchable (and, at times, very funny) neo-noir.

It's got some help. Bill Murray's in it playing a sleazy, pre-Saul Goodman ambulance chaser. Plus, there's all those shots of alligators slowly rising out of swamps like prehistoric punchlines to whatever lurid scene just came before. Then there's that threesome. And let's not forget the end where McNaughton intersperses outtakes from Campbell's revenge scheme under the closing credits, essentially explaining the plot after the movie has already ended. There are many things to like about Wild Things. Some of the wild. Some of them kinda lame. After re-watching it again, I'm still a fan. A slightly embarrassed one perhaps, but a fan all the same.

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