Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DEADFALL (1993) - Christopher Coppola

If you must watch Deadfall, watch it only from the point where a mop-topped Nicolas Cage (the director's brother) appears to play a pick-a-card with Michael Biehn and no further past the point where Biehn dunks Cage's head in a deep fryer. Everything else is truly awful. In terms of the Coppola talent vineyard, Deadfall is a mealy pinot grape that falls very far from the vine. But for those 30-odd minutes, this slapdash, nepotism-friendly neo-noir hybrid is pure Nic Cage Gold. On the Nouveau Shamanic scale, this one goes up to 11. Just watch this Cage/Deadfall clip assemblage on YouTube, and save yourself an hour and a half. You can thank me later.

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