Wednesday, December 21, 2011


"I.G. Farben"

Hopper has but a brief cameo in this indulgent mess of a film, little more than an excuse for director Cox (who I normally love) to play spaghetti western dress-up with a gaggle of his rocker/cult celebrity friends (Joe Strummer, Shane McGowan, Jim Jarmusch). He plays a slimy oil tycoon who arrives to the town saloon with Grace Jones to throw some money around and be a cardboard bad guy. The odd thing is Hopper's presence inadvertently classes up the joint (and the movie) for those few minutes. Here's a real actor having fun, slumming it among the multi-tasking musicians. His few moments are a small oasis in a desert of half-baked ideas. If only he could have taken all of Courtney Love's lines.

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