Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EAT THE RICH (1988) - Peter Richardson

Known primarily for its all-Motorhead soundtrack, this obscure late '80s British satire is actually quite fun and quite in tune with the current disillusionment over our own country's economic miasma. Occupy Wall Streeters, take note: Perhaps the best way to deliver payback to corrupt business tycoons and the politicians who enable them is not to occupy their parks, their public bathrooms and vent your rage with cheap cardboard signs, but to actually COOK THEM UP and EAT THEM. Better yet, make a profit while you're at it. Serve the rich back to the rich as high-priced dishes in five-star restaurants.

That's pretty much the gist of Eat the Rich. But the real fun comes in the Where's Waldo riches of Brit comic/rocker spotting. Hey, was that a young Miranda Richardson? Both Absolutely Fabulous ladies? Three-quarters of The Young Ones (minus Mike the Cool Person)? Was that Lemmy from Motorhead? Shane McGowan? Paul McCartney?!! Yes to all of the above.

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