Sunday, September 18, 2011

STREET LAW (1974) - Enzo Castellari

The same year Charlie Bronson's wronged architect began cleaning up the streets of New York vigilante-style in Death Wish, Franco Nero's wealthy engineer had a similar idea on the slightly-less-mean streets of Genoa, Italy. Let's face it, purse snatchings by way of Vespa and bank robberies that result in temporary kidnapping require less vengeance than, say, your wife being murdered by muggers or your daughter being beaten to a vegetative state. Public humiliation is one thing. Homicide, a different ball of wax.

Yet, the Nero character's diminished motivation to violence does little to diminish Castellari's energetic camera. The guy knows how to frame an interesting shot, cut a wham-bang opening montage, make an otherwise dull chase scene go pop. I was not that impressed with his original '78 Inglorious Bastards, but with Street Law I begin to see what the fuss is about.

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