Monday, July 04, 2011

THE OCTAGON (1980) - Eric Karson

It's the year 1980. Brush mustaches are worn routinely and non-ironically. Terrorists come in the form of ninjas. Straight action pictures are few and far between. And what action there is IS Chuck Norris.

Although I couldn't get enough of action and/or ninjas as a kid, I was never a big Norris fan. Of all the action schlock he did in the '80s, I remember seeing the first Missing in Action and Invasion U.S.A on home video and not much caring for either. He just never did it for me as a hero. After suffering through The Octagon, I am still not a Norris fan. But at least I know now what Lee Van Cleef looks like in a earring (a bald bad-ass, of course) and where to find the eight-sided training compound of the world's most dangerous ninja-terrorists (Reseda or Griffith Park, from the looks of it). When you're on a mission to kill some Hollywood backlot black ops, no Seal Team Six is required. Just send old Chuck and can of 'stache wax. It'll do the trick.

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