Saturday, May 28, 2011

DOG DAY AFTERNOON (1975) - Sidney Lumet

Still my favorite Lumet film of all time. What struck me most the four or fifth time around? Why has no one ever made a sequel/spin-off about Stevie (circled above), the third bank robber who abandons Sonny and Sal within the first five minutes of the film? We get to know everything under the sun about Pacino's character -- from his disapproving parents to his nagging female wife to his pre-op male wife -- but what's the deal with Stevie?

He bails before the robbery has begun in earnest, so Stevie's story probably wouldn't be as tense or action-packed as Dog Day proper. But I found myself wanting to know how that guy spent the rest of the day. Did he watch the hostage situation like everyone else on TV? Did he drown his sorrows/cowardice in a 24-hr bender? I mean, the guy tried to borrow their getaway car on the way out the door...because he didn't want to take the subway! Stevie's got nerve, if not cajones.

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