Sunday, May 22, 2011

DEATHTRAP (1982) - Sidney Lumet

This movie used to come on all the time at night when I was a kid and our family first got HBO. For some reason, I never caught more than the preview, though I probably could have easily snuck out of my bedroom and stayed up late to watch it. It's a good thing because I think one of film's central twists would have blown my tiny nine-year-old mind to smithereens. Superman is gay! With the English guy from Jaws 3! And complicit in murder! No f%$king way!!!

Also, I probably would have been too hung up on the narrative twists and turns of Ira Levin's script to really notice how deftly Lumet breathes life into an otherwise claustrophobic dinner theater meta-murder mystery piece. Like Orient Express before it, a very chewy piece of pulp entertainment. Well-played, Sidney. Well-played.

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