Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lucio Fulci

Be forewarned: You will see no actual lizard in a woman's skin in Fulci's A Lizard in a Woman's Skin unless you are as fried on brown acid as the two Italian hippies pictured above. They're the only ones who can see the lizard, instead of the real live murder they should actually be witnessing, which the viewer has actually already seen recounted in a dream by the person who may be the murderer and, depending on your drug of choice, also the lizard.

Confused? Actually, Lizard isn't all that mind-bending when you get right down to it. But Fulci and Co. work hard to complicate their scant dream-analysis-as-murder-alibi plot by dressing it up in some then-fashionable psychedelia, pharmacology, Freud 101 musings and wind machine glamour photography. I probably would've been the target audience for all of this stuff my freshman year of college, but last night 'round about midnight I just wasn't taking the bait.

Supposedly, there's an infamous scene in this film where the lead is being chased by a knife-wielding killer (she may be hallucinating it, maybe not) and stumbles into a room full up pinned-up and eviscerated dogs. Apparently, the gutted dogs looked so realistic that Fulci was dragged into court to defend himself on the grounds of "very good special special effects." I don't remember seeing it in the version I watched, but here's what Google says it looks like...

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