Friday, January 28, 2011

CAGED HEAT (1974) - Jonathan Demme

Everything you could want or expect from a WiP movie. Mandatory strip searches, prison shower cat-fights, the sadistic female warden with repressed lesbian tendencies and a yen for censoring jailhouse theatrical productions. Also, one or two things you might expect from a Jonathan Demme production...head-on camera angles and eclectic musical choices. Other than that, this could easily be Russ Meyer. All in all, an enjoyable apprentice effort from The Silence of the Lambs director and a fine enough excuse to spend 78 minutes holed up with '70s babes Erica Gavin, Barbara Steele and Rainbeaux Smith. Lock me up in Solitary with these ladies anytime. I've been naughty.

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Erica Gavin said...

Love your site!
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