Thursday, November 18, 2010

THE EXTERMINATOR (1980) - James Glickenhaus

Meet "The Exterminator" (Robert Ginty). Just another in a long line of post-Death Wish vigilantes determined to clean up the NYC streets after his Vietnam Vet buddy is put on life support by a band of soulless thugs. Sure, he knows how to ride a motorcycle at top speeds, use a flame thrower as a junkie interrogation device and make Mercury tipped bullets in his Bronx rec room. But the dude can't deliver a decent kill line to save his life. Definitely one of the least charismatic vigilantes I've seen in the "avenging vet" sub-genre.

The exceedingly laid-back cop and fellow veteran (Christopher George) who's tracking the Exterminator, on the other hand...a whole mess of fun! Here's the type of lines he delivers to the CIA agents who are breathing down his neck about the case: "I think you have to take a shit, and it's coming out of your mouth instead of your asshole." Also, here's how the guy cooks his hot dogs.

The Exterminator may know how to turn a corrupt businessman into hamburger meat in an industrial grinder, but neither he nor Gray's Papaya got nuthin' on Detective James Dalton's desktop weenie roasts.

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