Friday, August 13, 2010

WALKABOUT (1971) - Nicolas Roeg

An exquisitely beautiful and haunting film. Maybe even more exquisitely haunting than beautiful given the eerie but breathtaking Australian landscape and the tendency for characters to mysteriously off themselves for reasons that are not always apparent.

This is a film that should be taught in schools. Not just film schools but HIGH SCHOOLS. It covers lots of bases -- Geography, Social Studies, English Lit. It could even apply to Gym or Health Class if you happen to be in an area that allows kangaroo spear-hunting or requires that you know how to soothe a sunburn with wild boar's blood.

If you haven't seen Walkabout before and own a Blu-ray player, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the Criterion Collection's brand new Blu-ray transfer. It's gorgeous and has an fascinating documentary on Aborigine superstar David Gulpilil. Dude can dance and gut a lizard like nobody's business.

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