Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SMASH PALACE (1981) - Roger Donaldson

Another film from Down Under about junked cars and fortuitous crashes, Smash Palace is technically a Kiwi and not an Aussie effort. Bruno Lawrence is full-time auto wreck mechanic and part-time speed racer whose bored wife is two-timing him with a local cop who also happens to be his best friend. Eventually, as debts and divorce papers mount, Bruno goes off the deep end, taking his daughter for an extended, ill-advised camping trip out in the Bush and, later, taking his best friend hostage at gunpoint.

Smash Palace is a decent spark plug/kitchen sink melodrama from director Donaldson (No Way Out, The Bank Job) but nothing you probably haven't seen before. Better than the scrap heap but not quite showroom quality.

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