Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RAZORBACK (1984) - Russell Mulcahy

For a movie about a large, rarely-glimpsed wild pig, Razorback has visual style to burn. Too bad for me since all I had to watch it was an old bootleg copy from a VHS master. Still, even through the chunky grain and fuzzy sound, I could see how this modest Aussie horror flick launched director Mulcahy's Hollywood career. From the first couple of frames, it's obvious this guy knows how to shoot a desert, day or night.

Razorback's got a pretty good sense of humor, which makes up for its otherwise standard beast-lurking-in-the-bush plot. You've seen it done before and done better (Tremors, perhaps?) but never in this particular landscape and with this much contrast and shadow. It's no surprise Mulcahy eventually directed The Shadow later on. On the other hand, it's no surprise he directed Resident Evil: Extinction either.

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