Sunday, August 29, 2010

Philippe Mora

The second (of seven!) sequels in the Howling werewolf franchise is a weird hybrid of Hollywood horror cheapie and homegrown Aussie initiative. Appropriately, the plot concerns a clan of werewolves that have been cross-bred with various marsupials in the Outback, making for some strange lycanthrope variations. Ever seen a baby werewolf nestle in its mother's pouch? How about a werewolf ballerina transforming mid-performance at the Sydney Opera House? Aborigines poking a captured werewolf with a stick? How about a gaggle of werewolf nuns?

Big points to director Mora for freshening up a stale franchise with some wild Down Under biology and a whole ton of laughable latex creatures. I'd rather watch this than teen CGI werewolves any day. But, if legitimate scares you must have, proceed to werewolf tales elsewhere.

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