Friday, August 06, 2010

Simon Wincer

Think twice before inviting miracle healer Gregory Wolfe (Robert Powell, pictured above) into your home. Sure, he might cure your terminally ill child of leukemia. But he will also hold him out over a 500 feet cliff drop and scream: "Now, tell me how you FEEL?!!" He's also prone to dressing like Ziggy Stardust, when not dressed as a jester or General Zod from Superman II. Also, it's very likely he will uncover all of your political secrets and sleep with your wife.

Likewise, think twice before loading up Harlequin up in your Instant Queue. It's weird, for sure, but not always in a good way. And the Netflix streaming copy is a lackluster pan-and-scan version. When terminally ill children are held out to weep from a cliff over a raging sea, I want it widescreen. I'm guessing you might, too.

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