Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DARK AGE (1987) - Arch Nicholson

The simple park ranger at the heart of Dark Age has quite a dilemma. A giant monster croc has been picking off children straight from the riverbanks, and the local tourist board wants it gutted and killed because it's scaring away business. The local aborigines, on the other hand, see this big scaly mother as a sacred reptile (the "Numunwari") and only want it transferred back to its proper billabong upriver and away from nasty white poachers. To catch or to kill the big croc? This is our park ranger's to-be-or-not-to-be.

OK, so it's not Hamlet, but Dark Age is good for a few laughs and some Jaws-in-miniature suspense. Plus, more David Gulpilil. Add to that the fact that Dark Age is surprisingly environmentally-conscious for a 1987 cheap Aussie horror flick, which is better than can be said for old Crocodile Dundee the year before. From what I recall, all that guy really had on his mind was whether the girl he was chatting at up the local pub was a sheila or a bloke.

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