Saturday, July 31, 2010

SUPERNOVA (2000) - Thomas Lee
(aka Walter Hill)

Super-campy and actually kind of fun. This is possibly the most over-sexed spaceship movie to come along since the deliriously lurid Lifeforce. There's zero gravity coitus, all-nude all-the-time dimension leaps. James Spader woos Angela Bassett into the space sack with a bottle of Earth-smuggled pear brandy. And Robin Tunney will drop out of her jumpsuit for just about anyone or anything that comes on board.

Not Verhoeven-Cronenberg enough for you? How about Lou Diamond Phillips fisting a florescent vagina-shaped space orb. Or Peter Facinelli as Evil Tom Cruise (is that a redundancy?). Did I mention the passive-aggressive female HAL computer? Or the fact that Robert Forster is in it for about two minutes before he implodes inside a sleep chamber?

If I were Hill's agent, I would have told him to take the "Thomas Lee" pseudonym on Trespass over this any day. But, hey, that's why I'm not an agent. Supernova is not good by any means, but damn if it isn't laugh-out-loud entertaining...more than can be said for Streets of Fire or Last Man Standing.

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