Thursday, July 15, 2010

STREETS OF FIRE (1984) - Walter Hill

Streets of Fire has the distinct mid-80s feel of a movie idea scribbled hastily on the back of a Rainbow Bar cocktail napkin, then rolled up and used to hoover blow off a stripper's bare aerobicized backside. For Walter Hill's sake, I just hope the cocaine was good.

It probably sounded great on paper. Take the comic book, faux-city vibe of The Warriors and repurpose it for the burgeoning MTV generation with a retro-rockabilly-soul soundtrack, a Walter Hill fresh off of 48 Hours, Willem Dafoe in a pompadour and a young Diane Lane as a sexy chanteuse. If anybody asks for a script, just tell them you're making "a rock and roll fable." What's not to love? For one, Michael Paré. For two, Michael Paré. For three, Michael Paré.

Did I mention Michael Paré?

The music video for Streets of Fire (Dan Hartman's "I Can Dream About You") used to get heavy rotation on MTV when I was a kid. I thought the song was kinda catchy and some of the clips from the movie looked sort of neat, but I never asked my parents to drive me to the local theatre to see it. "I Can Dream About You" was all I ever knew of Streets of Fire. In retrospect, this may have been plenty.

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