Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SOUTHERN COMFORT (1981) - Walter Hill

Better than I remembered, but still safe to call it Deliverance Deux-- redneck terror by way of the Bayou swamps and Louisiana National Guard.

This troop of weekend warriors may be a little too hot-headed and civilian-dumb to completely care about as a unit, but the Powers Boothe-Keith Carradine camaraderie is enough to drag you through the middle act muck along with some slam-bang swamp action. The slow-burn Cajun pig roast/bloodbath at the end is a damn fine study in suspense and, to correct an earlier misjudgment, probably more indebted to Hitchcock than Peckinpah. When all you've got left is blanks in your M-16, sometimes a good, sharp kitchen knife will do.

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