Sunday, July 04, 2010

HARD TIMES (1975) - Walter Hill

A lean, mean bare-knuckle directorial debut from Walter Hill and one of Bronson's best tight-lipped performances. Much like the '30s and '40s brawler flicks it emulates, there's not a single strand of narrative fat on this blood-rare steak of a movie about pugilism for money (and, occasionally, friendship) during the Great Depression.

A recent trip to New Orleans made the Big Easy skids locations resonate all the more (the big climactic fight is in an oyster factory!). Plus, there's that whole Double Dip Recession resonace. As far as fight films go, this may not be as soulful and gutter poetic as Fat City or as uplifting as Rocky, but still a classic, rock-solid genre jab nonetheless.

"Let's go get the cat."

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